Why Pre Plan



  •  Peace of mind​     Knowing that the financial burden for your cemetery needs are not passed on your loved ones.     
  •  Protection   Your loved ones will not be faced with over 125 decisions associated with your cemetery planning, on the worst day of their lives. Each year we encounter families that face the harsh reality of an unplanned cemetery arrangement. Families would have to make desperate decisions that exhaust them, both physically and mentally.          
  •  Guaranteed Cemetery Prices  Frozen at today's cost, regardless of age or health. 
  •  Eliminate emotional overspending  Studies have shown that families forced to make final arrangements when no loving plan is in place will overspend on cemetery purchases. 
  •  Fight Inflation   Cemetery arrangements double in price every 5-10 years.         
  •  Affordable terms  Payments can be made over a 1-5 year period versus all at once when a death has occurred.