Burial Space



A burial  space, also known as a grave or plot, is the spot where a body is laid  to rest in the ground. Lush green grass is placed over the space to  provide an area for loved ones to stand, visit, and remember. Burial  plots provide a way to display a marker or monument and can be adorned  year-round. Burial plots are guaranteed to remain beautiful.
All  plots in the cemetery are maintained by dedicated grounds crews. Our burial space costs include Perpetual Care Ground Maintenance to ensure  that your area will always maintained.

Burial Vaults


 A burial  vault is a polypropylene or concrete outer enclosure that  protects the casket as well as the integrity the grounds. The vault is  placed into the cemetery space as a protective lining for the casket,  which is lowered into the vault at the time of burial. There are several  different types of burial vaults that you can choose from.  

Veteran Marker


 Veteran single bronze memorial marker is a  24x12 bronze that's provided for all honorable veterans by the veterans affairs. Veteran memorials includes name, date of birth and death. There  are a few options available to meet your wishes. Granite and  installation would be additional. 

Standard Marker


 Standard single bronze memorial marker is a  24x14 bronze placed on a 28x18 granite base. Includes name, date of  birth and death. Other options are available to meet your wishes.  

Companion Marker


 Standard  companion bronze memorial marker is a 44x14 bronze placed on a 48x18  granite base. Includes both names,date of birth death. Other options are available to meet your wishes.    

Companion Veteran Marker


Don't  leave your loved ones gravesite unmarked. There is an average of 1 out  of every 10 gravesites that are unmarked. We have bronze memorial  markers to meet every families needs.
Standard  companion veteran bronze memorial marker is two 24x12 bronze  memorials placed on a 62x16 granite base. The veteran's bronze memorial  comes from the veterans affairs and the spouses would be purchased along  with the installation, granite and vase. Each bronze memorial  includes name,date of birth death. Other options are available to meet  your wishes.